indoor film set with crew standing around
Georgia Film Academy

Internship Program

" ...I ended up working on Avengers 3 and 4 after my internship on that show ended; I was picked up by the accounting team on that show, and I've been working in production accounting ever since!

Zachary B. - Former Clayton State University Student

" Since my internship on Jungle Cruise (on which I was later hired as a Costumes PA), I have been working as a Costume PA all year.

Ashley B. - Former Kennesaw State University Student

The key to finding and managing a successful career in the entertainment business is acquiring a very specific set of skills, and being trained to use those skills!

The Georgia Film Academy is a unique-in-the-nation, statewide program which provides students with an opportunity to do just that. Once accepted into the internship semester, students gain hands-on experience and training on the sets, and in the offices and post production facilities of professional film and television productions in Georgia.

Since its inception in 2016, The GFA has placed students on over 100 film and TV productions in Georgia.

Just some of the shows our students have trained on include: Infinity Wars, Spiderman, Thor, Antman, Godzilla, I, Tonya, Jungle Cruise, Lady and the Tramp, Godzilla, Step Sisters, Life of The Party, Bad Moms, Escape Plan, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, MacGyver, Black Lightning, Superstition, Originals, and Ozark.