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Georgia Film Academy

Internship Program

For Students

The GFA Film and Television Production internship course is a 6-hour option as part of the 18 credit hours needed for the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) Certification Program. The course is designed to provide students with a basic level of on-set film production skills by providing hands-on experience on the sets and in the offices of working film and television productions and industry post production facilities. You will have an opportunity to network and to learn the skills that will help you to integrate into the film industry as entry-level workers.

The GFA Internship course is a competitive program dictated by the amount of available on-set internship opportunities. Internships are NOT guaranteed to anyone.

How it works:

  • Students who successfully complete GFA 1000 with a “B” or above AND a Specialty Craft Course with a “B” or above are eligible to apply for the Internship.
  • After completing GFA 1000 and at least one Specialty Craft Course, students may fill out an application to apply for the Internship for the upcoming semester. After the applications are processed, students will be notified whether they are eligible to register for the Internship course for the following semester.
  • For students seeking a degree, the GFA and all our partner institutions have agreed that the best time to take the Internship course, should you qualify, is during your final semester or the semester immediately after you graduate. Students should check with their home institutions on any specific policies regarding Internship course registration and timing.
For more information on GFA’s Internship program, please contact:

Kate McArdle
Director of Film Workforce Development